CSP (Certified Scrum Professional)

I’ve actually been studying for this exam over the past few months.  In the CSP Handbook there are 25 recommended resources.  Of the 25 I made it through 18.  Additionally, I used http://www.agileexams.com and having just completed the PMI-ACP exam, I felt I was in good shape.

Living in Edmonton, I assumed there would be a testing centre in either Edmonton or Calgary.  To my surprise the closest testing centre is in Airdrie.  So I drove (2.5 hours) down the night before, stayed in a hotel, and made my way to the exam the next morning.

I began the exam at the scheduled time and went through the 150 questions in about an hour.  Basically, I flagged any questions that I wasn’t quite sure about.  At this point I was feeling a little nervous.  This was definitely more difficult than the PMI-ACP exam.

On the second pass I reviewed all of my flagged questions.  After this exercise I felt a lot more confident.  After applying process of elimination and taking the input from the other questions, I thought I was in decent shape.

On the third pass there were 2 or 3 questions that I really had no clue.  Not bad for an exam with 150 questions.  So I took a blind guess and submitted the exam.

You need a score of 450 (out of 600) to pass.  I got 519.

What’s next?  PMP.

PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner)

I tried a bunch of Google searches to find some information on this exam but there just isn’t a whole lot.  Eventually, I figured out why.  This certification hasn’t been out that long (end of 2011).  Additionally, to date there are only 2000 people with this credential.

After reading all 7 books, I used http://www.agileexams.com to do some additional studying.  The questions were good and it forced me to go back to the books to review areas were I was weak.

The exam was 120 questions and I was fairly confident when I hit the submit button.  I did pass.

PMI does not provide a score, but it did tell me I was ‘proficient’ in all areas.