Simply put the conference was awesome.

I arrived 2 days before the conference to have a chance to take in the city.  It worked out great because they had a tax-free weekend so I was able to get some good buys.  I checked out the country music hall of fame as well.

The hotel (Gaylord Opryland) was massive.  I’m pretty sure I got lost at least once per day.  It had lots of bars and restaurants so there was always something to do.  The amenities were impressive as well.  Each room had an iPhone charger and WiFi was accessible everywhere.  The hotel was also conveniently located.  The Grand Ole Opry was basically next door and the airport was a 10 minute cab ride.

Each day of the conference I attended 4 sessions plus other activities (e.g. sponsor related events).  Basically, I suffered from information overload every day but it was worth it.  I learned a lot from the sessions but I also learned a lot from just talking to people.  Many of the big names in the Agile world were present (e.g. Jeff Sutherland, Mike Cohn, Lyssa Adkins, Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson, Janet Gregory, Esther Derby, James Shore, etc.).

There were quite a few exhibitors.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to make it through all of them.  But I did discover some cool tools.  I’m hoping I get to put a few in practice.

On the last night of the conference we were bused to downtown Nashville where a night club was reserved for the conference attendees.  There was live music and lots of food.  Since we were already downtown a bunch of us toured some of the other bars which also had live music.

I really have nothing to complain about.  The conference was well organized and I look forward to the next one.