Agile Coach Camp Canada West 2015

This was a mini-conference (or rather Unconference) held in Calgary, Alberta.

In total there were about 25 attendees.  One of the things I really enjoyed is that I was able to have a one-on-one conversation with just about everybody.

The structure was simple, Open Space.  Various individuals facilitated discussions on Agile related topics they were interested in.

It was really encouraging to see such a local interest.  Everybody gave up their weekend to participate in discussions that would help them (and others).

For me the most interesting topic was Mob Programming.  I really like the idea behind it.  While I do believe there are many situations where this wouldn’t work, I do see instances where this would be very beneficial.  Hopefully I have an opportunity to try it out sometime this year.

It was pointed out that the U.S. is much further ahead than Canada in terms of Agile adoption.  Hopefully coach camps like this can help to bridge the gap.