Ab Workout

Finding an ab workout that actually works is quite painful.
Don’t get me wrong, in just about every Men’s Health there are various exercises that target the abs.  But for the average person, trying to tie together random exercises just ends with a clumsy inefficient workout.

After scouring YouTube I finally came across an ab workout that could easily be added to my existing workout.
It’s a 15 minute ab killer.
Even though it’s pilates inspired, believe me it works.  You’ll work everything, upper/lower/obliques.

It’s called Extreme Abs and the trainer is Cassey Ho.  She also came out with Extreme Abs 2, but I haven’t tried that one yet.
We’ve all wasted hours if not years on crunches.  She shows you how to do it the right way.
If you combine this workout with a good diet, you’ll see results in no time.  The diet is key because you need to lose the fat covering your abs before you see any results.

And just because it’s a 15 minute video doesn’t mean you need to stop there.  I threw in some other ab exercises like planks.

Here’s the link:

Have fun!