3 things we can learn from TED Talks

  • It’s difficult to hold people’s attention for more than 18 minutes

That’s why TED Talks are capped at 18 minutes.  In fact, it seems this type of approach is quietly appearing in various conferences where people are saying more by saying less.  Pecha Kucha talks last for a total of 400 seconds.  And Open Space forums can last as long as the attendee wants.

  • It’s ok to suggest ideas that are completely out of the box

TED provides a forum where it’s ok to question everything we’ve ever believed.  These types of talks inspire change and sometimes convince us to change our mindset.

  • Anybody can do it

Many celebrities have given TED talks including Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, etc.  Not to mention various Ph.D.s and business leaders.  However, many talks have been given by people that just have something to share.  Maysoon Zayid suffers from cerebral palsy and her TED talk has already commanded over 6 million views.

For me, the most interesting TED talk I came across was Pamela Meyer : How to spot a liar

Here’s the link: