Coach Skills for the Agile Workplace

I recently took a 3 day Agile coaching course taught by Sue Johnston.  There were 8 attendees and most (if not all) had more coaching experience than myself.

What was evident from the get go was all the bad habits I had picked up.  During our practice sessions it was difficult to break out of those bad habits but by the 3rd day I think started to realize when those habits were sneaking in.

I really enjoyed this course and I found that “coaching” is applicable to much more than Agile.  You can use it when you’re having a conversation with someone or you can even coach yourself.

I started using what I learned immediately and I plan to continue doing so.  It probably makes sense to also take a step back and re-read Lyssa Adkins book, Coaching Agile Teams.

The main take away for me is that I need to stop telling the team what to do and “coach” them to figure out the answer themselves.

*Completion of the course (and a quiz) also provides the ICP-ACC certification through ICAgile.