TEDxCalgary: (r)Evolutions

So this was my first TED event.  Even though I’m well versed in TED Talks, I didn’t know quite what to expect and from the first minute I was being educated.  Apparently, a TEDx event is an independently organized TED style event.  Furthermore, Calgary supports TEDx by providing TEDxCalgary & TEDxYYC.

Overall, I was very impressed and here’s why:

  • The event was well organized.  It was obvious it took months and months of preparation.
  • The quality of the speakers and their topics were excellent.
  • There were interactive booths during the breaks.
  • It was easy to attend.  Holding the event on a Saturday makes is much easier to attend for many people.
  • It was affordable.  With the downturn in Alberta’s economy it’s easy for many to shy away from these events.  In my opinion, the cost was easily worth it.  Also, most people will never have the opportunity to attend a full blown TED event because of the exorbitant cost.  This type of venue is an excellent replacement.

The most practical talk was actually a clip from TEDxConcordiaUPortland.  It was an entertaining talk on how to use a paper towel.  Have a look:


The talk I could most closely relate to was Perfection vs. Excellence by Kyle Shewfelt (Olympic Legend and revolutions and master).  I think there was something that everyone could relate to.

Do I plan on attending future TEDx events?  Absolutely.