Apache Wicket vs. JSF PrimeFaces Evaluation

My team was recently tasked with selecting a replacement for GWT (Google Web Toolkit). We have a few pet peeves about GWT but our biggest is the compilation time.

It turns out there are quite a few options.  However, we didn’t have the luxury of trying out every tool.  Instead, we chose 2.

We decided that Apache Wicket and JSF PrimeFaces would be the most viable candidates taking into account the state of the current application.

We also decided that we needed to put together a proof of concept that was to be evaluated by the team and the client.  We had 2 teams of 2.  Each team replicated the same existing application screen with their chosen UI framework.

The evaluation was based on:

Reduced Compile Time

Overall Effort


Look n Feel



Widget Set

Developer Experience

While JSF did not win in every category it was the overall winner by the team and the client.

Given our time constraints it was difficult to determine which framework had better performance.