CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

Ok, I won’t keep you waiting.

I wrote the CISSP today and I passed.  Yay!!!

How do I feel?  I’m glad it’s over.

I started studying for it about a month ago.  Unlike other certifications, the CISSP has multiple study guides that are not even published by ISC.  I studied from the seventh edition by James Michael Stewart, Mike Chappel, and Darril Gibson mostly because that’s what my study group agreed on.

I gave the study guide a first read without trying to memorize or take notes.  Then I proceeded that flip through the flashcards and practice exams included with the study guide.  Then I decided to read through the study guide a 2nd time with attention to memorizing and taking notes.

I still felt I needed some additional sources for study material.  As a result, I purchased Transcender & Pass4sure exams.  They definitely help to accentuate my understanding of the material.

Finally, I flipped through my notes and the study guide a few more times prior to the exam.

The exam is tough.  It is not regurgitation of the study guide.

For software developers and project managers, this exam is not easy.  I think system & security administrators will have a much easier time.  That is not to say that the exam is technical because it isn’t.  But administrator types will be able to apply experience to many of the questions.

Will I proceed to the CSSLP or other security exams (e.g. CEH)?

Stay tuned…