Top 10 signs you had a successful Agile project

Before I get into it, there are 2 things I should point out.

Point #1, this is by no means a complete list.  I’m sure there are hundreds of signs that point to Agile success.  These are the top 10 that stand out for me.

Point #2, you can experience Agile success without uncovering all 10 signs.  But if you’ve truly reached success then you’re likely to encounter most.


  1. Everyone is sad to see the project end

  2. Exceptionally high velocity was achieved
  3. Low defects.
  4. Lots of chatter & laughter
  5. People are still talking about project months after its completion
  6. Everyone outside the project is asking “How did you do it?”
  7. Sprint goals were achieved almost every sprint
  8. SMART goals that derived from the retrospectives were also achieved

  9. Management support is evident even if it isn’t plentiful

  10. The Project Manager role is questioned