Core De Force

So I decided to try yet another Beachbody workout.

This workout involved a lot of shadow boxing and kicking and it doesn’t require any equipment so it’s easy to get started.

In the first month I followed the recommended plan. The longest workout (MMA Plyo + Core Kinetics) took just over an hour. In the second month I stepped it up a bit and added Core Kinetics + 5 Min. Core on the Floor to each workout. In month 6, I decided to only focus on the 2 hardest/longest workouts (MMA Power/MMA Plyo) while still combining it with Core Kinetics + 5 Min. Core on the Floor.

So, does it deliver as promised? Well, you’re definitely going to build up your core and the workouts are fun. But keep in mind, you won’t see any of those toned abs unless you reduce your visceral fat. This workout really doesn’t provide that.

I ended up going back to Insanity: Max 30.

The combination of the Max 30 and Core De Force worked really well.  Core De Force strengthened the abs, while Max 30 helped to reduce weight/fat.

If I had to do it all over again I think I would continuously rotate between the two. For example, month 1 –> Core De Force and month 2 –> Max 30.

*Note, introducing a punching bag might into Core De Force may produce better results and make it more fun.