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California Wineries

I was finally able to experience Napa Valley (and others) and it was amazing.

Let’s start with the wineries I visited:

  • Artesa
  • Domaine Carneros
  • Mondavi
  • Jordan
  • Frog’s Leap
  • Beringer
  • Silver Oak
  • Peju
  • Thomas Fogarty
  • Concannon
  • Wente

Each winery offered a completely different experience.

For example, the tour & tasting at Jordan was incredible. I really enjoyed their Cabernet Sauvignon’s. It’s definitely an experience I would do again. You can even make it a weekend stay if you want.

Even though I’m quite familiar with Beringer wines, I had no idea that their Private Reserve Chardonnay was so good. Had I not tried their tasting, I would have never known this.

Concannon & Wente are wineries in Livermore, California. But don’t let that distract you. They produce excellent wines.

Overall surprises:

  • Wineries producing Meritage & French Colombard
  • Jordan uses egg whites in their fermentation process

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