The Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter Professional Development Conference was terrific.

The conference kicked off with Jessica Holmes (Air Farce) as the MC.  She was absolutely hilarious.

The first keynote speaker was Jan Hargrave who is a body language expert.  She taught the audience how to tell when someone is lying.  It was thoroughly entertaining.

Another keynote was given by Warren MacDonald.  He lost his legs when he was mountain climbing and a 1 ton boulder fell on him.  He is still very active today. His message is basically, “if I can do all of this, imagine what you can do”.

There were quite a few exhibitors, but I didn’t have enough time to chat with many of them.

I volunteered as a session host on the first day.  It’s a great way to meet people. With my volunteer duties over, I was able to fully take in the conference the second day.

I enjoyed most of the sessions.  The most interesting session was on Design Thinking.  It is heavily promoted by a company called IDEO.

Looking forward to next year.